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Since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, many farmers are now trying to grow hemp seeds. If you are one of them and want to give a try to hemp seeds, then you probably have heard about the feminized seeds. But there is a lot about feminized seeds that you might not have heard about them. In this write-up, we have light up the basic information about the best-feminized seeds and the reasons why many farmers are turning to these seeds.

What Are Feminized Seeds & How Are They Different From Regular Seeds?

Feminized seeds are referred to the seeds that are specially bred to ditch the male part from the hemp plant. These seeds are also known as feminized seeds, and they are completely natural because they are generated through pollination.

When you grow regular hemp seeds, there is a 50 percent chance for them to grow into male plants and 50 percent chance for them to grow into female plants. This might sound good, but in the hemp world, female plants are much superior. This is because the male plants fertilize the rest of the female plants, the cannabinoid levels of the fertilized females are quite lowered. This is where feminized hemp seeds come in. Feminized seeds are expected to produce female plants because they contain female genetics. This means the best-feminized seeds can help farmers increase their yield and earnings.

Why Are Feminized Seeds Favored By Growers?

By using feminized seeds, growers can stay relaxed from the guesswork of whether their plants will grow into males or females. With regular hemp seeds, farmers have to carefully monitor their plants so they can identify the male plants and remove them in the initial days. But with feminized seeds, growing female plants is already guarantee, which means farmers can increase their land, manpower, and other resources to maximize the growth of the seeds.

Moving on, choosing feminized seeds also help growers to save their time. It usually takes several weeks to know the gender of the plant, due to which farmers have to wait a long to remove the male plants. But with feminized seeds, waiting won’t be required.

Moreover, as a grower, when you have the whole garden full of female plants, then the yield is super high. Here, each plant will grow buds that contain the highest possible natural properties.

Using feminized seeds is all about advantages if you are focused on the right pattern and method to grow hemp flowers. However, if your aim is to breed new strains, feminized seeds alone won’t be helpful since you will need male seeds to cultivate and grow exciting new strains.

How Are Feminized Seeds Produced?

There is a general concept of producing feminized hemp seeds, which is known as masculinization. It starts with inducing a female plant to grow male flowers that consist the viable pollen. The pollen from the induced male flowers can then be used to fertilize female flowers. Since the pollen is derived from a plant that only has the female chromosome, the fertilization process results in female plants.

Masculinization involves a lot of care during stressing a female hemp plant for it to produce male flowers. The most common stressors are applied, such as disrupting its light cycles and applying heat. These methods are not a hundred percent reliable but work as per the expectations.

Moving on, newer and more reliable breeding techniques have been developed in recent years. This has made the masculinization process easier. One of the most dependable processes involves the use of some chemicals like silver nitrate. However, every breeder or grower has his own way of bred the seeds, so the method may vary from grower to grower.

So now you understand why feminized seeds are quite beneficial for the growers and if you also want the best-feminized seeds for your land, always ensure to look for the best seed bank or seller. Besides, do your proper research about growing the best-feminized seeds so that you can work on the right method.

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