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Cannabis SEO Agency: Boost Your CBD Company

CBD HEMP LIVE is a Cannabis SEO Company that helps companies increase traffic and revenue through our proven hemp marketing strategy. Search engine optimization is more important in growing this industry than other business categories. Why? Because CBD industries are not permitted to use traditional forms of advertising such as social media marketing and PPC advertising.

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Marijuana & Dispensary SEO Services for CBD Companies

At CBD HEMP LIVE, we look closely at every marijuana & dispensary SEO project to get the exposure they need online. SEO for Dispensaries can be a daunting task. We have a great reputation as a Marijuana SEO agency, Our customized SEO services help brands grow faster in the digital world. Our experts contact the business owner to formulate a search engine marketing strategy that aligns with your goals.

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Grow Your Business With Our CBD SEO Service

Get your cannabis website on the top search rank and attract more customers daily with organic traffic. We are a team of experts in SEO for the CBD industries. We Assist! We Built! We Believe!

We are a team of professionals working for your CBD industry 24 hours. Our agenda is to boost your business on the market by using top-notch digital marketing & search engine optimization techniques. To dominate the local market, we assist you, build trust in the market, and manifest our actions.

What Are Cannabis SEO Services?

Search Engine Optimization services boost your cannabis business’s sales and revenue by giving exposure to your business over Google and other search engines. The SERP on Google requires a top-notch and tailored approach. Cannabis SEO Services focus on managing the search marketing process for your business growth.

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    Why Choose Us For Your Cannabis SEO Campaign?

    CBD marketing is difficult to handle; it requires much effort, management & legal knowledge. One wrong move, and you can lose your game. Here at CBD HEMP LIVE, we have expertise in practicing search engine optimization and digital marketing for the hemp industry.

    Our proven marijuana marketing services ensure your products rank for the most important keywords. Let us be your trusted CBD experts. With the experienced and best team of experts, designers, developers, and writers, we drive the best results for your hemp business.

    SEO Audit

    SEO audit identifies problems or errors that can prevent your website from ranking on Google and other search engines. SEO audit combines many activities, including ensuring your site is correctly crawled, indexed, and rendered by Google and checking your website against Google’s established algorithm.

    Technical Optimization

    Technical optimization improves the website’s structure and enables Google crawlers to search the content without technical glitches. We at CBD HEMP LIVE make sure to understand the structure of your website and land your website at ease.

    On-Page SEO

    We have a different but responsible SEO approach to doing these things. On-Page SEO allows you to control and manage content-associated aspects of your website. Simply put, it gives you control to enhance your website to rank it at the top smartly.

    Keyword Research

    Keywords are one of the strongest subjects in SEO. By analyzing the right and top-ranked searched keywords, we target the expectations and needs of interested people in a specific genre and use effective title tags so that Google crawlers can scan and research your website effortlessly.


    A backlink is when one website links to another, mentioning your keyword called an anchor text. An example of a backlink is any cannabis-related article that links to another CBD source or website. Backlinks are popular all over the internet; those link back to relevant content.

    Content Management

    Through website content management, we keep maintaining & optimizing the published content on the web pages & blog so that whenever someone searches for CBD services or products, your content shows in the top results relevant to the search query.

    Competent SEO

    We at CBD HEMP LIVE work with effective SEO techniques that help your CBD, cannabis, and marijuana business to stay ahead of your market competition. Our robust SEO strategies help you grow your audience, search results and leads enough to defeat your competitors in the search results.

    Outstanding Results

    We are completely informed, knowledgeable, and experienced in the marijuana/weed business. We design strategic campaigns to help grow and boost your online presence. Our services will help you rank your business visibility higher in all CBD and cannabis-related online searches.

    Skillful Team

    Our team of experts delivers the best results in no time and takes your hemp/cannabis website and business to the next level of online success. When you face any challenge during search engine marketing, call us, and our skillful team will assist you as soon as possible.

    Benefits of SEO Services for CBD Business

    Driving traffic to a hemp & weed website can be challenging. Search engine optimization and social media marketing can never bring easy success to your business overnight. However, investing your time, effort, and patience will yield positive results in the long run.

    Some best traffic sources we work with in order to increase and generate traffic on your website are;

    • Google AdWords
    • Facebook Adwords
    • YouTube Ads
    • Pinterest Ads

    Helps You Rank Well in Search Results:

    Our Dispensary SEO services evaluate your website’s format, design, and content to ensure your website is curated with the basic rules of search engines. Its structure and contents are two common reasons behind its top rank on search engines. After our tech team analyzes keywords for your website, we suggest changes and modifications according to the latest trend and digital market values. Then, we practice on-page and off-page optimization strategies to beat your competitors.

    SEO Boost Traffic:

    Generating leads is not difficult, but generating leads through organic traffic could be quite challenging in many ways. With search engine marketing support for your marijuana business, you can raise the bar by optimizing your website and boosting your campaigns. You can gain more visitors to your website through niche-centric blogs, reviews, and feedback on your website. When you hire a weed SEO agency, you can generate high-quality backlinks that enhance your search rankings with proven off-page cannabis marketing strategies.

    Improves Website Visibility:

    Our deep knowledge of algorithms of digital marketing helps our team of experts work on organic link building, curating website content, and framing advanced strategies that align with the search algorithms. This way, you get higher exposure on different search engines.

    Note: 28% of clicks go to the first result your potential customers see online!”

    Get Your Free Website Audit Today!

      Our SEO Process

      SEO Audit

      An SEO audit is a process of evaluating the performance of the website. We create an implementation plan that has measurable results. The major objective of an SEO audit is to check and resolve technical SEO issues, website structure problems, on-page SEO problems, content gaps and opportunities, competitive marketplace insights, and more.

      “Note: An SEO audit is a standard process that should be done on a regular basis in order to run the SEO process smoothly, and we perform SEO audits on a regular basis.”

      CBD Keyword Research

      Keyword research is the most important process to implement when it comes to ranking your content and website on top of the search engines. To create and choose the best keywords, we go through your competitor’s website that is ranking well on Google and see what the competitors are focusing on with their content and then use the keywords aesthetically.

      Link Building

      Link building is one of the important segments of SEO. It covers a large part of SEO strategies as it makes it easy for search engines to find the pages on your site. In simple words- when you create new content, you should be linking it to the other pages on your website within that new piece of content. Link building makes it so easy to find your pages on your website that it gives you a quick SEO boost.

      Local SEO

      Local SEO is an essential part of SEO strategies that target customers in a specific region, city, or other localities factor. Local SEO is the segment where we need to focus in order to enhance your rankings and visibility in local search results like Google’s Map Pack/Local Pack.  Local SEO is the practice of search engine optimization to increase the strength of local search results.

      What Our Customer Say

      Since our company started working with CBD HEMP LIVE for SEO services, we have seen an increase in the number of qualified leads from our website. Our account manager, Adam, is outstanding and quickly answers all of our questions. If you need help marketing your CBD business online and understanding SEO, the CBD HEMP LIVE team can do wonders for your company.

      Anastasia Stone

      CBD HEMP LIVE was recommended to me, and I can see why they are one of the best SEO firms. The team good amount of information and skill. Our entire SEO plan was precisely suited to our goals. Our experience working with them was great; this was the best choice we have ever made!

      Patricia James

      We have loved working with the entire team at CBD HEMP LIVE. We were not confident about hiring as SEO firm as we were not familiar with the concept of SEO. However, after speaking with Adam during the initial consultation call we were confident that we would be a good fit and his team took the time to walk us through the entire process. They have always been been transparent in all their work.

      Steven Rashford


      Can You Advertise CBD on Google or any other search engine?

      Google considers CBD, marijuana-related products, and services as “dangerous,” as it abides by federal law. Due to FDA Restrictions in the USA, CBD industries are prohibited from using traditional forms of advertising, such as social media marketing & PPC advertising. By organically optimizing your website for CBD SEO, you can improve your website’s visibility in SERPs and attract more customers interested in or ready to buy CBD products.

      How do I market My Cannabis Business?

      Marketing CBD and marijuana-related products is not easy, as you need to keep the cannabis laws in mind while promoting. Here are the 5 effective organic digital tactics you can follow to market your cannabis business

      • Your cannabis marketing must include CBD SEO
      • Publish informative blogs for cannabis content marketing
      • Maximize & optimize organic reach on Instagram & Facebook Marketing your cannabis brand on other cannabis websites & blogs
      • You can choose the top-performing CBD SEO services to help you with all these tactic

      What are the FDA's regulations regarding cannabis & CBD-derived products?

      There is an interest in developing therapies & other consumer products that are derived from hemp, cannabis, and its components. However, FDA knows that some companies are marketing products containing hemp, cannabis, marijuana, & CBD-derived compounds in ways that violate (FD&C Act) the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which may put the health and safety of consumers at risk.

      Why is SEO important for CBD products?

      SEO is the only organic way to generate quality traffic for your CBD business that pays off in the long run without requiring significant ongoing investment. SEO can help you increase your product visibility, boost sales, and rank higher on search engines. We at CBD HEMP LIVE are the top-performing CBD SEO company in the USA. We help you with all these SEO tactics & management. Call our experts today & get a free consultation.

      Why should I hire CBD SEO Agency?

      Being in the CBD and cannabis industry requires you to understand the significance of each marketing step and the importance of focusing on every process and operation of your business. However, partnering with a good SEO agency with CBD/hemp industry expertise will be worth it. You’ll notice an increase in the number of users visiting your site & converting into customers.

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      What kind of marketing tasks may I outsource to your CBD SEO agency?

      By working with us, you can completely outsource all of the activities related to CBD marketing, including but not limited to content development, social media marketing, sales funnel setup, and customer database collection. You just have to focus on your cannabis business and leave the rest of CBD’s digital growth to our services. Contact us now & get effective results.

      How much do CBD SEO Services Cost?

      By working with us, you can completely outsource all of the activities related to CBD marketing, including but not limited to conIf you want personalized SEO services for your CBD business and want to skyrocket your traffic & revenue, then we’ve got a customizable package for your every business need. You can add, delete, or modify your package as per your requirements. Our SEO experts team will guide you throughout the process & choose the best custom package that best suits your cannabis business. Book your free consultation call & tell us your cannabis business requirements.ent development, social media marketing, sales funnel setup, and customer database collection. You just have to focus on your cannabis business and leave the rest of CBD’s digital growth to our services. Contact us now & get effective results.

      How will I measure my CBD SEO marketing results?

      After getting started with your CBD SEO strategy, we will determine the high-priority areas for your CBD business promotion, & you will be able to track the progress by evaluating the core success metrics. For instance, the number of unique visitors per month and your ranking in search results for the relevant queries. Why wait, when we are here to help you with our result-oriented CBD SEO techniques. Call Us Now to get a free consultation.

      How do I get more customers for my CBD Business?

      Effective SEO helps you increase the quality traffic to your site. With result-driven cannabis SEO services, you will not only get traffic (people looking for the exact products/services you offer) from various digital channels but also help you convert those traffic into repeated customers, which ultimately leads to higher revenue. However, this traffic will be more focused or targeted.

      How does CBD SEO work? What effective SEO process do we follow?

      There are a couple of things that make CBD SEO unique. This type of digital promotion covers different approaches. It starts with optimizing your website based on CBD rules & customer needs. SEO results in getting more quality traffic and improves the UX performance where visitors can easily find your CBD-derived products & turn them into customers/hot leads.

      We’ve been providing marijuana, cannabis and CBD SEO services for many years & we know what SEO tactics to apply to boost your traffic, sales & conversion. Our years of experience have made us cannabis & CBD SEO experts. Our cannabis SEO process includes the following:

      • We consider Legal & commercial laws as per the FD&C Act Thorough keyword research & competitor analysis
      • Digital public relations, influencer outreach, and link building
      • Local SEO for USA states where cannabis and CBD are legal
      • Ad strategy and production of banners, images, and social media promotions
      • Proper Google Analytics tracking and high DP. PA backlinking Provide month-to-month reports & contracts

      With this multifaceted, tried & tested SEO technique will surely boost your site traffic, conversions & revenue. Get a free proposal now & make your cannabis business successful.