Start Driving Revenue With Cannabis SEO Services

Being a cannabis business owner, you might be aware of the challenges and difficulties that come around during the marketing of your dispensary and products. Here, we at CBD Hemp Live make it convenient and possible for you to get your business to reach out to your targeted audience.

Let’s understand what cannabis is and what basic challenges you usually face during the marketing of this substance, and how we help you market your cannabis business through our cannabis SEO.

How To Promote Cannabis Business: A Big Challenge

Cannabis is a natural botanical known for its more than 150 components present in it. All the component of cannabis has their unique features and benefits. However, cannabis is a controversial name on the market for many reasons, and its psychoactive component is one of them. Cannabis may be used on the market for medical reasons only after the prescriptions by doctors or experts.
Note: Cannabis contains THC- one of the most psychoactive compounds that may possess euphoric effects.”

Cannabis is not approved by the FDA and is only allowed to use for medical use in specific states, and this is the reason marketing your top-quality products could be difficult in many ways. But through our SEO services in this market, we are highly capable to market your business organically to your target audience but under all the rules and regulations set by the government.

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    How Does Cannabis SEO Work?

    Cannabis SEO works by enhancing and optimizing your website and content to maximize user interactions. The objective of cannabis SEO is to create a passive form of marketing and advertising that simply generate organic traffic. Our expertise in SEO for Cannabis helps your cannabis business rank higher on search engines, attract more visitors, and close more sales.

    Cannabis SEO: Your First Step in Creating a Better Search Experience

    SEO is highly important for digital marketing strategies in every industry, and it is especially beneficial for cannabis businesses for many amazing reasons. Cannabis SEO marketing helps cannabis companies to promote their products and services directly to their target audience without breaking the laws and regulations introduced by the government.

    We at CBD Hemp Live ensure to engage web traffic to your website on the first page of Google search results. We create strong link-building and content marketing that may have a direct impact on search engine rankings. Our team of Cannabis SEO experts has extensive experience working with the cannabis industry. We can formulate an SEO plan that simply helps you enhance your website so that it can rank in the top results of a Google search.

    What We Do?

    We work with our advanced and unique strategies and make sure that each strategy works for you and your cannabis company. Here is a quick look at our practices for SEO optimization for cannabis;

    Consumer Research

    At CBD Hemp Live, we perform thorough research on your target audience and consumer base in order to understand how they use search engines to find their preferred cannabis companies. Extensive keyword research and an audit of your competitors help us establish a strong baseline goal to make your business win on a search engine optimization campaign.

    Competitor Research:

    At CBD Hemp Live, we establish a core purpose of our cannabis SEO services in order to beat your competition on the market. We deeply study your competitors and learn the factors that make them successful in the search. The insights that we dig give us a clear vision of what our SEO experts must do to rank your cannabis company or business.

    Strategy Setting

    Once our research is done, we put together our insights and make a draft for success, including setting timelines and milestones. We majorly focus on meaningful activities that we practice on a daily basis to drive organic and the best traffic on your cannabis SEO campaign. Our deep work on data and our experience lead our way to success.
    Our experience with the cannabis industry, including the local market, is far more personal than any other agency. We know the legal pain the cannabis business usually faces, but here at CBD Hemp Live, we make sure to work with all ins and outs of this market. We know the industry’s potential- so you can count on us anytime.


    Does google allow cannabis ads? What does google ad policy state regarding cannabis?

    Google doesn’t allow cannabis and hemp-derived CBD ads on its platform. Google’s dangerous products policy clearly states that they restrict the ads of products that can cause harm, damage, or injury. Promoting substances that can induce highs, including marijuana, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, weed, cocaine substitutes, crystal meth, or more, are strictly prohibited. However you can promote them, but you must keep the policies in mind during a promotion. Our specialized SEO & SEM experts can help you advertise CBD on Google without violating AdWords terms and conditions.

    What is cannabis SEO? What does it include?

    Cannabis SEO is nothing but an SEO or search engine optimization process specialized for cannabis businesses to get quality & organic traffic to your CBD website to convert that quality traffic into new visitors, callers, or customers. Call our SEO experts today & get your site ranked at the top.

    How do SEO Services benefit my cannabis Business?

    There are numerous benefits of effective SEO services, and here are some of them:

    • SEO is the best traffic source in the long run
    • It helps you rank higher in search results
    • Boosts your audience’s confidence
    • It helps drive more targeted traffic to your site
    • Effective SEO improves website usability
    • All these factors help you boost your sales & revenue

    How to market the cannabis business organically?

    Marketing CBD, cannabis, and marijuana-related products are difficult, as you must keep the cannabis & CBD laws in mind while promoting. Here are the six effective organic digital tactics you can follow to promote the cannabis business effectively.

    • Having a proper responsive website & development
    • Your online marketing must include CBD SEO
    • Publish informative blogs for cannabis content marketing
    • Maximize & optimize organic reach on Instagram, Facebook & other social networks
    • Marketing your brand on other CBD authoritative websites & blogs Hire the top-performing CBD website design company in the USA to help you with effective site development & all these SEO tactics. Get a free website audit now.

    Is there any difference between a general SEO agency & cannabis specialized SEO agency?

    Yes, there’s a slight difference between them. General SEO handles the site optimization process regarding any type of business, but specialized cannabis SEO only handles the overall site optimization process of only CBD, hemp, and marijuana-related businesses. We at CBD Hemp Live, are the cannabis-specialized SEO agency that makes us stand out from other SEO agencies. We are well-versed with search engine CBD policies & know how to optimize your cannabis business website to rank you higher in top search results that will boost your sales & revenue. Click here for a free website audit.

    What strategies do you use in the site optimization process?

    Our cannabis SEO experts use white hat ethical approaches that focus on getting your website pages to rank higher in the SERPs for competitive keywords & enable prospects to find your brand in the easiest possible manner.

    • Optimizing the mobile experience/responsiveness
    • Improving the page speed of your site
    • Overall technical search engine & site optimization
    • Tailoring website copy to drive conversions
    • A/B & multivariate testing & improvement
    • Optimizing user experience & tracking progress

    Do you provide free consultations?

    Yes, we provide comprehensive SEO assistance to our clients. You can schedule your free consultation call with cannabis SEO experts by calling us at +1 650 262 7333 or emailing us at

    Do you also provide web development & migration facilities?

    Yes, we do. Our cannabis web developers can help you with site design, development, changes, and technical SEO optimization to level up your site’s performance, responsiveness, page speed & all the required backend & frontend optimization, which will help you increase traffic, leads, store visits, sales & profits.

    How your SEO agency can help me improve my customers, sales & revenue?

    Finding the right cannabis SEO company that is not only familiar with the specifics of the cannabis industry but also meets your overall tech & digital requirements can be tough. We at CBD Hemp Live, are a team of expert cannabis search engine optimizers who:

    • Understand the legal cannabis laws and restrictions and know how to work around them ethically
    • We’re familiar with the targeted audience of your hemp business and know how to entice them
    • Our CBD SEO writers develop compelling content to impress search engine algorithms & attract users to become customers
    • We know the latest trends in marijuana, hemp, dispensary, and cannabis SEO techniques to boost your ranking & revenue.
    • Have a proven track record in building successful websites & ecommerce platforms
    • We offer customizable website design & development with technical & on-page SEO in mind— all at affordable price

    Why wait when we are here to help you grow your brand? Get our out-of-the-box specialized cannabis SEO services to heighten the growth of your business. Get a free quote now.

    What is your SEO reporting process? And how often you’ll provide the track reports?

    We value our client relationships, as they allow us to ensure we’re on the right track & working toward the right goals. We’ll let you know exact reports on how things are going weekly or biweekly basis & explain our cannabis SEO processes in easy terms, not in buzzwords. Here are some key reports to look for:

    • Month-over-month growth
    • Year-over-year growth
    • Increase in ranking for top-searched keywords
    • Earned high-quality links & authority
    • Conversion rates by digital channels
    • Click-through rate for top pages & more

    These regular check-ins ensure you stay in the loop and let you know what’s working, where we can improve, and work together to ensure the strategy is moving in the right direction.

    Let’s build & grow your cannabis business together. Schedule your free consultation call with professional CBD web developers by calling us at +1 650 262 7333 or emailing us at