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In all forms and circumstances, there is no product in the cannabis industry that has spurred controversy like e liquids. Just a few months after the legalization of medical cannabis, several hemp products flocked the market and everyone had their own formulation and different products to present before a willing customer base. One of these products was e liquids. In fact, e liquids become so popular both among the youths and the adults that the media started becoming suspicious on the use of cannabis products. The hype has since died down but the use of e liquids is still on the increase as many users discover the utility of cannabis products. in this article, we will learn more about delta 8 vape juice, an e liquid that has only become popular in the recent years.

What is delta 8?

Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid that is a variant of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is for this reason that it is often referred to as delta 8 THC. It suffices to note that delta 8 is not the typical THC that many users are familiar with. The cannabinoid that is often referred to as THC is called delta 9 THC it the highly psychoactive and euphoria-inducing cannabinoid that has made cannabinoids illegal in most places around the world. But despite being a variant of THC, delta 8 is less potent compared to delta 19 because it binds loosely to the cannabinoid receptors which also lowers its effects. delta 8 TH also has some CBD properties. Thus, it can deliver some of the THC effects and CBD effects simultaneously.

Delta 8 vape juice

Currently, you can buy delta 8 vape juice for sale in virtually any store around your vicinity or online. A delta 8 vape juice is one that has a high concentration of delta 8, albeit with a few additives such as flavorings such as vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol. Delta 8 being closely related to delta 9 makes it a highly psychoactive product with the potential to induce euphoria. The advantage is that delta 8 doesn’t have some of the adverse effects associated with delta 9, especially when consumed in larger doses. Delta 9 in large doses tend to exacerbate anxiety. On its part, delta 8 can actually be used to alleviate stress and anxiety. It also has some of the benefits of CBD like reducing nausea and managing pain.

How safe delta 8 THC vape juice?

The cannabis industry is not as tightly regulated as the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, the only way to fully ascertain quality is to get your purchases from a reputable seller. The good news is that the government always oversees the production and manufacturing of all the cannabinoid products generated in the United States. Through this initiative, producers and manufacturers who sell directly to consumers are required to test their products for purity, potency, and quality. Vendors who have a permanent collaboration with a cannabis third party lab is always considered reputable vendors. The information about third party testing can always be found from the website of reputable vendors. Often, the results from third party labs are displayed on the websites for customers to see.

The safety of delta 8 THC is also evaluated by the amount and types of additives into the product. Usually, vegetable based products such as glycerine and propylene glycol. There are usually no additions that will improve the quality of the product, except for terpenes. Marketers often make the claims that the additives will increase the potency or the product and even enhance the product’s effects. Though, this is not usually the case. Sometimes it is these additives that cause the side effects associated with some delta 8 vape juice for sale. Thus, you should always be cautious when buying delta 8 vape juice that is marketed as having several other additives.

Is it illegal to consume delta 8 vape juice? You have probably heard that the required limit for THC levels is 0.3 percent. However, this regulation refers specifically to delta 9 THC and not delta 8. Thus, as long as the delta 9 THC component of the vape liquid is less than 0.3 percent then it is within the limits of legal use. Thus, you should always check the label to find out the delta 9 THC levels when you go to buy mct vape juice, to not only protect and preserve your health but to also keep you on the good side of the law.

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