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The Lost Remedy hemp-derived CBD topicals range from CBD facial products to CBD for nerve pain and everything in between. Since I’ve brought it up, let’s discuss these two hemp-derived CBD topicals.

CBD facial products

CBD is a natural skin care product. Our CBD facial products and lotions are free of toxins and chemicals, so they’re good for your skin and the environment. More than just hydrating the skin, CBD facial products protect the skin. But, don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say.

“I’m not a fan of aging. One reason not to be a fan is crepey skin. When I use the Lost Remedy skin lotion, my old, crepey skin soaks it up and heaves a huge sigh of relief. It feels soothed, smoothed and revived. Love this stuff.” Mary

“Having used Skin Replenishing Lotion for seven months now, I’ve decided that replenishing is the perfect word to describe it. I’ve found the lotion to be especially nourishing for the neck and the upper chest (décolleté). This product helps to renew and restore the skin in these areas and, as a woman in my late 60s, this is most appreciated.” A.N.

“Not only do I use the Renewal Day for a moisturizer, but it is the absolute best CBD facial product for sunscreen and windburn protection product I’ve ever used. I live in Livingston, MT, one of the windiest places in the country and am an avid trail runner, mountaineer and skier. If you live an active, outdoor life I highly recommend this product as a weather protectant, and in addition, as an everyday sunscreen and moisturizer.” Lisa

Now that you’ve heard from customers about our CBD facial products, let’s move on.

CBD for nerve pain

Nerve damage or injury can take many forms but they all involve pain. But pain could be managed safely with CBD balm for nerve pain. Again, let’s turn to Lost Remedy customers for their perspective:

“A shoulder injury caused me a lot of nerve pain in my upper arm and hand. The Nerve Pain Formula was excellent for keeping my pain at bay. It had a great numbing effect, allowing me to keep working. Plus, in addition to working wonders for muscle pain, it has a pleasant smell.” Chris

“I received your products for nerve pain and neuropathy two days ago. I have always used cannabis products (usually oral edibles and tinctures) for neuropathy from a spinal cord injury that put me in a wheelchair as a teen in 1986. I tried several big pharma products, but the benefits were not good enough to justify the side effects.

The pain is normally akin to dipping your leg in boiling oil while it’s being electrocuted. My pain is certainly not gone, but I don’t usually even touch the leg that has the issue. And, I can massage in your product. Neuropathy relief has brought it down to something more like the beginning of mild pins and needles when your leg has been asleep. Essentially, up to 10/10 pain is now 3-4/10. Thank you.” Heather C.

A sports injury caused me to suffer from a herniated disk, pinched nerve and sciatica. This Nerve Pain Formula helped give me tremendous relief during the long process of natural healing. I was so glad to discover the power of CBD oil, especially since it doesn’t require a prescription. Something affordable that works so well should not be a secret! Thanks, Lost. You Rock!!!”  Lynn

“I have had five back fusions and am looking at another. I have a lot of neuropathy in my lower legs, which is very painful. Your products help to decrease this pain, especially at night so I can sleep. Thank you for providing these products.” Diana G

Thanks to your miracle Nerve Pain Formula and 75mg of CBD per day, my fibromyalgia is doing much better. I take the CBDin tincture, softgels and gummies. All three products deliver 25mg of CBD per serving. It took some time to get the right amount of CBD for me, but I finally did. Your cream began the healing process, and I will be forever thankful that I found it. I don’t have to use it all day anymore because it has truly diminished the pain level, from a 10 to a 3. A blessing!!! There are no words to express what your cream did for me. Keep up the good work because there are so many people who need your products. Thanks again.” Mattie M.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Try hemp-derived CBD topicals to see for yourself to see what they can do.

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