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If you are an avid consumer of cannabis or hemp products and you haven’t consumed or tried Delta 8 then you should reconsider your position as an avid consumer. Delta 8 is a popular cannabinoid that was made popular by the existence of excellent extraction methods. It is not cannabidiol (CBD) and neither is it tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In this article, we will explore some of the potentials ways to consume delta 8 and how you can ensure the safety of your overall health when using cannabinoids such as delta 8.

What is delta 8 ?

Delta 8 is one of the over a hundred cannabinoids already identified in the world today. It is known by various names. Some users call it Delta 8 THC. Others call it Delta 8, yet others know it popularly as D8. The product is a derivative of both hemp and cannabis, which means that it is a borderline product with both marijuana and hemp properties. Thus, users of delta 8 will get the psychoactive euphoric effects characteristic of marijuana and also enjoy the health benefits of hemp-based CBD – the cannabinoid without euphoric effects. Despite having both hemp and marijuana properties, delta 8 is predominantly more similar to THC, hence the name.

Over the past several months, delta 8 has been increasing in popularity in the States where its use is legalized. In such places, you can conveniently buy delta 8 THC products online or from physical shops such as that sell CBD and other products derived from hemp. Currently, delta 8 is sold in various consumable forms. The product can be smoked, it can be vaped, or it ca be consumed orally through forms such as delta 8 gummies. Conveniently, users have also figured out that delta 8 can be infused into cookies and brownies for consumption.

Delta 8 cookies

When cookies are made using a recipe that contains delta 8, they essentially become delta 8 cookies. The cookies are essentially baked at the bakery and prepared with just the right amount of delta 8 that will give you just the right level of euphoria but in a milder way that won’t give you the buzz. Once the cookies have been prepared, they are vacuum sealed and delivered to the ideal location for users to buy delta 8 cookies physically or online. Users buy delta 8 cookies because it makes you feel good and is a better and alternative legal way to consume THC while enjoying the benefits of THC simultaneously.

Delta 8 brownies

When you speak of edibles made out of cannabinoids then brownies almost instantly come to mind. Delta 8 brownies are just the typical brownies, except that some dose of delta 8 is added to the recipe. The amount of delta 8 in brownies differ from seller to seller because there are no standard doses for preparing delta 8 edibles. As a user, you can by delta 8 brownies to get the powerful delivery of THC into your body to produce an effect that has been described by users as simply amazing.

Precautions when buying delta 8 online

As the popularity of delta 8 spikes nation-wide, it is crucial to know some of the precautions that you should take to ensure that you not only enjoy your experience consuming delta 8, but also preserve your health. The first thing to be wary of is false information. In this age of the internet, there are a tone of information about delta 8 THC littering the internet. The scary part is that the majority of this misinformation is not written by experts. Therefore, you should always exercise caution on what you consider the right information your hemp habits.

Besides, hemp is categorized as a dietary supplement and is thus not as tightly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration like pharmaceutical products. What this means is that the dosages of delta 8 in edible delta 8 products can be as high as the manufacturer want the dosage to be. Besides, the side effects of the product may also not be made obvious. It is upon you as the user to look through the product descriptions for suspicious findings, and always start with lower dosages when consuming delta 8, especially when you are a new user.


Currently, you can buy delta 8 flower wholesale and use the product to make other products such as brownies and cookies. This way, you can leverage the existing market for cannabinoids and earn some good money as an avid hemp user.

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