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Caregivers help patients who are unable to register for a medical marijuana program or get medical marijuana at dispensaries. They can register on behalf of patients and get their much-needed medication at dispensaries. They also help in administering medical marijuana to patients.

So far, in the state of Pennsylvania, over 500,000 patients and caregivers have applied for the medical marijuana program. This shows the incredible progress that has been made since the program rolled out in 2016.

If a patient has registered and gotten the Philly medical marijuana card, the person can designate up to two people to be caregivers. This can be done by sharing the patient ID number with the potential caregivers before registering.

Patients who cannot get a Philly medical marijuana card PA and therefore need caregivers are classified into three:

• Minors: For minors, a parent or legal guardian can register for their child and become the caregiver. In special cases where a third party wants to be a caregiver, special authorization is required. This can be done by getting the external caregiver to fill out a third-party caregiver form.
• Homebound adults: Some homebound patients are able to register for themselves but need a caregiver to get medical marijuana at dispensaries.

Adults who do not make their own medical decisions.

Who can be a caregiver?
The state of Pennsylvania defines a caregiver as a person who is 21 years or older (otherwise authorized) who is:
• A parent, legal guardian, or spouse to a minor who can not register and get medical marijuana.
• An individual is designated to be a third-party caregiver by a parent or legal guardian.
• An individual designated by a patient.

Before you can become a caregiver, background checks will be done, and once you meet the criteria, you will be certified as a one. The process includes a review of your criminal history (if you have one) before approval. Some of the criteria required are:

  1. You have a valid pa driver’s license or an ID card issued by the state of Pennsylvania.
  2. You do not have a criminal record relating to the illegal possession and sales of narcotics, drugs, and other controlled substances in the past five years.


After meeting the requirements, potential caregivers can go ahead and register on the Pennsylvania Department of Health for medical marijuana cards PA. Once you are certified, you may have up to five patients in your care.

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