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You might have heard of the wonder plant, Kratom, and the various wonderful uses it can be put to but the most common use case for the White Kratom and indeed other strains of Kratom is in Pain relief, anti-anxiety effects, and anti-depressants. Kratom has been used in Southeast Asia for years to relieve many types of sicknesses and ailments but has recently found adopted in America where it is estimated that up to 16 million Americans use it daily.

What’s special about Kratom, you might ask; well, due to its opioid-like characteristics, Kratom has been known to relieve pain and with its main ingredient being Mitragynine, it can also relieve anxiety attacks, depression, and other mental health-related issues.

But all these effects I mentioned can be provided by any strain of Kratom. What makes the white strain Kratom special is that it can also do 2 additional things:

  1. Relieve mental Fatigue: White Kratom can reduce mental fatigue or in other words clear our head, providing much-needed focus and clarity to you. This can be a much-needed effect when you are studying or any time you find your mind wandering from the task at hand.
  2. Mood Enhancement: White Kratom has also been found to be a natural mood booster. Feeling a little under the blues? Take a dosage of White Kratom. Feeling very stressed out? Take a dosage of White Kratom. This property is essential in the anti-depressant function of the white Kratom.
  3. Energy Boost: When you take small dosages of White Kratom, it has been reported to provide a subtle energy boost- it is a natural replacement for coffee; it provides the same energy boost as coffee but without the additional stress of making coffee and keeping it hot all the time.

White Kratom Dosages and Effects

Now, White Kratom has many different properties and has varying effects on your body and your mind all depending on the dosage you are taking. Here’s a table of the effects and the dosages that bring them about.

4 grams or less of Kratom PowderMild Effects (Energy Boost, Increased Alertness, Mood Boost, Anti-depressant effects)
4-5 grams of White Kratom PowderStrong Effects (Increased Feelings of Relaxation,  Euphoria, Increased Pain Relief, Detachment)
10 White Kratom Capsules (less than 4 grams)Mild Effects (as mentioned above)
10-12 White Kratom Capsules(4-5 grams)Strong Effects (as mentioned above)

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