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Cannabidiol, CBD for short, is an oil that takes its derivation from the cannabis plant with other 113 identified cannabinoids.

Its ability to reduce inflammation and pain makes it more popular. Also, we are sure you know that, with CBD, you can combat stress, anxiety, depression, and seizures while you improve your sleep rate and your heart health.

With its incredible amounts of benefits, you are probably wondering how much of it can you take.

Its status as “yet to be regulated” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) makes it even more challenging to figure out the exact dosage to take.

However, we will help you to figure out just how much you could take without adverse effects. We understand how tricky this can be, as you would need to consider your body weight and its compatibility with your other medications (if you have any).

There is strong advice for pregnant women to avoid CBD.

Having gone this far, let’s dive into how much CBD you can take.

Right CBD Dosage For You

Essentially, your primary focus should be to find the lowest dosage, which tallies with your needed benefits, to avoid the subtle side effects of the product. You have to take the points below into consideration:

  • body weight (just like we’ve mentioned earlier)
  • CBD’s concentration in the product you’re taking (pill, drop, capsule, etc.)
  • Condition you are treating
  • body’s chemistry

Consulting your doctor for a prescription would still be your best option. In case the doctor is unavailable, you can start low and increase with time.

Starting low here means that you begin with the lowest mg possible and increase it gradually, preferably over the space of two months. If, for instance, you start with 20-50mg per day, this can be increased by 5-10mg in two months after considering the effect of the on-going dosage.

Your observations would determine whether to increase or reduce the dosage or discontinue the medication eventually.

Calculating your CBD Dosage

It is vital you know the exact amount of CBD that you consume per time. This would ensure that you take the correct dosage.

Manufacturers of CBD products (capsules, pills, or gummies) indicate the proportion of a single serving in their product. Each capsule can have inscriptions of 5mg on it, making you aware of the exact amount of CBD you are about to take.

HOWEVER, the CBD oil comes in dropper bottles, with likely specification of the exact dosage in a single drop. This will enable you to know the precise number of drops to take, based on the highlighted points above.

It can be tasky sometimes, and the process might test your knowledge of Mathematics because some products will not state the dosage in a CBD drop. You can, however, be sure that a single drop is about 0.05 milliliters (mL). I hope you are not trying to pronounce that!

With that, you know that you’ll find 200 drops in a 10-mL bottle. Ensure you take proper caution with the calculations, please.

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How To Take the CBD Product

CBD products can be taken topically, sublingually, orally, and it can be inhaled.

Topically, CBD oils can be taken or administered as lotions or balms, with direct and soothing application to the affected area, with a tender massage. This is effective in relieving pains and inflammations in no time. This is otherwise known as the transdermal method.

Sublingually, it can be administered through placement under the tongue, entering the system directly, leaving behind the digestive system’s involvement. This product can be gotten in CBD Store Okc, especially for people who stay close.

Orally, the capsules, pills, and powders can be administered, going from the mouth through the digestive system, before having any interactions with the endocannabinoid system.

Inhalation is through the extracts in vape pens, and this method has been proven to be the quickest method.


As we have advised earlier, talking to your doctor is quite essential before taking any CBD product. For no other reason, the doctor is a trained medical personnel who understands perfectly how the body system functions, and he is pretty aware of the effects of CBD that you might not be aware of. He has seen cases that you don’t know much about.

Side effects like fatigue, weight change, appetite change, and diarrhea may occur with continued use of CBD. You probably should know beforehand and should be able to deal with them when they arise.

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Take necessary caution before taking or administering CBD! Stay safe!

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