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CBD instant freeze rub is a unique formulation that is prepared particularly for pain management, though it can serve other purposes as well. The formulation combines the incredible utility of cannabidiol (CBD) and cryotherapy – the age-long cold therapy. The resulting product is a fast-acting product with a targeted approach to treatment after application. CBD instant freeze rubs can penetrate into the deep skin and are not associated with any grease or stain or aura after application. Actually, the scent from CBD instant freeze rubs tends to fade over time.

The utility of cryotherapy

Cryotherapy refers to the use of extreme cold in treatment to either remove or freeze abnormal tissues. In the typical medical setting, doctors use cryotherapy to treat skin conditions such as skin tags and warts. Some cancers such as the cancers of the liver, prostate, and cervix can be managed through cryotherapy – the procedure itself is referred to as cryoablation. The advantage of cryotherapy is that it is minimally invasive and is done without the need for open surgery. Even when cryosurgery is indicated, the procedure is minimally invasive when compared to the traditional surgical approach. Besides, side effects such as nerve damage and loss of sensation, bleeding and cramping, as well as swelling and scarring have been described.

CBD instant relief for pain management

Pain is, perhaps, one of the most common health symptoms. It is by far one of the leading symptoms found in patients who come to the hospital for treatment. Several diseases present with pain as one of the symptoms. As a result, any medication that tends to provide pain relief is considered an essential medication. The ability of CBD to provide pain relief is perhaps one of the reasons why it is a popular product.

Pain, as a symptom, is usually mediated by certain chemicals in the body called prostaglandins. These chemicals are responsible for inflammation which often leads to pain, swelling, and sometimes loss of function in the affected part. For this reason, drugs that inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins in the body, such as ibuprofen, are widely used for pain management. In the body, pain is not only mediated by prostaglandins. The endocannabinoid system also has a role in pain perception, modulation, and transmission. In the body, CBD binds to its receptors in the endocannabinoid system to alter how the body responds to pain.

CBD instant relief contains ingredients that are able to pass through the skin and initiate mechanisms that aid in pain relief. CBD instant freeze rubs have a rapid onset of action and enhanced effectiveness in pain management because both CBD and cold freeze are potent pain relievers. CBD instant relief for pain is ideal for an athlete who is looking for something that will enhance their cooldown and stretch after an intense workout. When used appropriately, this product also guarantees a good night’s sleep. Besides, the majority of the products are not the only natural, but also gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan friendly.

How to use CBD instant relief

For athletes who want to speed up their recovery from a workout experience, they can use the CBD product as soon as they finish their workout. People who utilize CBD instant relief for pain and soreness of any nature should apply the CBD instant relief no more than 3 to 4 times per day. Usually, the instructions for use are indicated in the container use hold the formulations. Sometimes, vendors include a user manual within the packaging of the product. This makes it easier even for first-time users to learn how to use the product without any significant difficulty.

What to consider before buying CBD freeze rubs

Like the majority of CBD products, the safety profile is not always guaranteed. The certainty that the products work well without any serious side effects is only from anecdotal evidence. A few of these concepts have been exploring by studies and the results obtained look promising. However, the potential for side effects is not out of the picture. Taking CBD topical products predisposes one to skin problems and may even lead to allergic reactions in susceptible individuals. These allergic reactions are associated with itchiness, localized swelling of the skin, pain, and redness from scratching.

Conclusion Generally, CBD products are safe and only few cases of side effects have been reported. Nonetheless, users should always be aware that the risk for side effects is always a possibility. One of the ways to prevent complications is to use CBD products in incremental dosages until you find the concentration that works best for you.

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