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THC shatters are popular products that provide unique highs among users. A shatter is essentially an extract or a concentrate of cannabis made from mixing the cannabis plant matter with solvents. Once the extract has been made, its appearance is often translucent but can vary in color depending on the method of extraction.

The consistency also always looks the same at face value, but it is quite different when you physically feel the texture. The variety can range from the most brittle ones to the characteristic pull ‘n’ snap ones. Although the most popular shatters are high in THC, it is possible to make concentrates using other chemical compounds such as CBD and delta 8.

The Delta 8 THC is different from the conventional THC that is the most abundant compound in cannabis. On its part, delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Its effect is maximized by preparing delta 8 concentrates.

Is delta 8 shatter the same as delta 8 dabs?

The answer to this question is somewhat ambiguous. As the saying goes, all shatter can be dabbed, but not all dabs are shattered. To dab is to use a small water pipe to consume vaporized concentrates. Users tend to dab shatters because dabbing provides a more potent high. Dabbing is not like smoking. It requires some know-how and unique tools. Besides, the initial experience may not be as you would hope especially because the wrong dabbing method can interfere with the flavor and totally ruin your experience as a beginner.

What to know before you buy delta 8 THC shatter

When you but delta 8 THC shatter online as a beginner, you will probably be wondering how to consume the product. Like, what happens if you decide to eat shatter? What are the ways to consume shatter? When we get technical about it, shatter requires a process of activation by heat called decarboxylation. What this means is that you will need to vaporize the concentrate for consumption. Thus, you should have an e-rig, dab rig, vape pen, or vaporizer before you decide to buy delta 8 THC shatter for sale. Otherwise, you may not be able to consume your product or benefit from it. it is well known that consuming shatter that has not undergone the decarboxylation process through heating will not yield any fruitful results or desired effect.

What to do after you buy your shatter

Once you have bought your shatter, it is crucial that you know how to store it well. Shatter that is not stored properly tends to break down rather quickly and will lose its consistency fast. The flavor and the potency will also reduce significantly.

Ensure that your shatter is not degraded by storing it in a cool place inside airtight containers kept away from direct sunlight. Environmental factors such as high temperature, oxygen, moisture, direct sunlight, and UV light are some of the things that accelerate the degradation of delta 8 shatters.

Heat is particularly more notorious in causing the degradation of shatter because it activates the cannabinoid in the product, similar to what happens when you consume it. Heat activation breaks down the cannabinoids and makes them lose potency such that when you eventually use the product, it will be less effective.

Since delta 8 shatter is made from concentrates, you can buy products from your favorite vendor who packages them in reusable containers. These containers are usually silicone based and provide the right storage conditions for delta THC shatter.

Can you make your own shatter?

If you are a beginner, the answer is no. the process of preparing delta THC shatter for sale or personal use requires significant expertise. The manipulation of solvents concentrates, and equipment may turn out to be dangerous. The threat to health and life is so serious that some jurisdictions have made it illegal to prepare your own shatter without licensure. Nonetheless, the process is almost similar to what happens when making other cannabis extracts. Quite a number of solvents can be used, but the commonly used solvent is butane. Other common solvents are ethanol and liquefied petroleum gas.

Conclusion There are several hemp dealers who have listed delta 8 THC shatter for sale in their dispensaries or online platforms. Once you buy delta 8 THC shatter, be sure to store is appropriate since that is the way to preserve its potency while also maximizing its benefits throughout its shelf life.

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