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As per data from cfah.org 2022, 64% of Americans took part in CBD consumption & 79% of respondents claimed to use or consider using CBD for treating symptoms related to arthritis & other treatments.

Increasing numbers like this indicate that — it’s unsurprising that businesses are getting in on the hype & market demand for cannabis is constantly growing… And you can also boost your cannabis business to the next level.

However, when it comes to CBD marketing, things get (a lot) more complicated. Many CBD companies face challenges in promoting their cannabis business online because of the strict regulatory framework. However, you can take free CBD business consultations from experts if you open a dispensary business and want to grow it fast online.

Your cannabis business can benefit from advertising on Facebook, but it’s not a piece of cake to post CBD ads on Facebook. The 2023 Farm Bill will include reforms to improve the hemp industry. However, Facebook’s CBD policy must be updated to allow companies to promote their products and services fully. If you’re having difficulty getting your CBD ads approved, consider hiring a Facebook-approved CBD SEO company to make sure your money & time are well spent.

Let’s find the proper answers to these vital questions:

• Can you advertise CBD on Facebook?

• If YES, What’s the best way to follow for Facebook ad campaign approval

• What to do if your campaign is rejected?

• What tactics to use to mitigate restrictive CBD advertising policies?

• Will we ever be able to mention CBD Facebook ads?

• What are the best alternatives to CBD ads on Facebook?

Ready? Let’s get your CBD ads rolling!

Can you advertise CBD on Facebook or Instagram?

While it isn’t strictly illegal anymore, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about CBD as a health or culinary product, making it challenging for marketers to utilize native advertising and sell CBD on Facebook.

Facebook & Instagram do allow you to advertise hemp-based topical products only. But in short, “YEAH!” It is possible to run CBD ads on both platforms. There are numerous ways of CBD marketing to various clients. You can run a campaign or contact professional CBD marketers who will help you with this. The main thing is to achieve a result that will help your business develop.

But you must remember that even if you follow all the Facebook CBD advertising policy regulations, your advertisements may be rejected occasionally because of their advertising policy.

Ask a professional agency to advise or discuss the situation with Facebook representatives to avoid this. Take a free consultation from CBD expert marketers who know how to boost your conversions and sales through top-notch cannabis marketing strategies. Call now @ +1 650 262 7333 or email us @ info@cbdhemplive.com

Here are some best practices for CBD Ads on Facebook: Points you need to keep in mind—

• List the general benefits of CBD products and always avoid making severe medical claims. However, if you need a workaround, you can give medically-backed sources citations like those found in the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

• Building consumer trust should always be your priority. This is a great step now, but it’ll also play hugely in your favor when CBD is entirely legal.

• CBD images are currently allowed if they don’t mention CBD.

• Replace “CBD” with “Natural Plant-Based Remedies” anywhere in your ad creative and copy.

• The Farm Bill requires each state to submit its hemp regulation plan to be approved for sales going forward. Unfortunately, only some US states have done this, so pay attention to local laws.

• While you can advertise CBD on Facebook, you can’t mention the products in your ads.

• Find creative ways to describe your products to your customers.

• Refrain from using CBD within a domain name.

• If needed, create a new Facebook account. Leave any CBD-related promotion of the page.

• If you’re facing difficulty getting your CBD ads approved, consider hiring a Facebook-approved CBD/Hemp SEO company to make sure your money & time are well spent.

Four best ways CBD brands follow for Facebook ad campaigns approval

1- Facebook Ad through a Facebook business page

Advertising CBD products on Facebook can be challenging, as the platform has strict policies regarding promoting cannabis and related products. However, the first way is given below that you can follow to sell CBD on Facebook while complying with their guidelines:

The process:

• Ensure CBD products you sell are legal in your US state and comply with all Farm Bill federal regulations.

• To sell CBD products on Facebook, create a Facebook business page. Complete your profile and add all the necessary information about your business.

• Facebook has strict guidelines on what can be sold on its platform, so you must use a payment processor that allows CBD transactions.

• Once you have set up your Facebook Business Page, create a Shop Section to showcase your CBD products. Make sure you provide accurate product descriptions, prices, and images.

• Facebook prohibits making health claims for CBD products. Focus on the benefits and features of your CBD products, and always avoid making severe medical claims. However, you can cite medically-backed sources like those found in the US national library of Medicine and the national institutes of health.

• Facebook groups and influencers are a great way to reach your target audience. You can partner with influencers or join relevant groups to promote your products.

• Make sure you respond to all customer inquiries promptly & monitor your Facebook Business Page regularly. This will help you understand your business growth and build customer trust.

In short, selling CBD products on Facebook requires you to comply with the platform’s strict guidelines. Follow the steps outlined above to set up your Facebook Business Page, create a Shop Section, advertise your cannabis products carefully, and monitor your Page regularly. Take a free consultation from CBD expert marketers who know how to boost your conversions and sales through top-notch cannabis marketing strategies. Call now @ +1 650 262 7333 or email us @ info@cbdhemplive.com

2- Segment Your E-commerce Site to Focus on CBD Topicals

This option delivers sales while ensuring that the ads in the market completely comply with Facebook’s officially stated CBD advertising policies. Facebook doesn’t always abide by its own stated formal CBD advertising policies, and in many cases, ads for CBD topicals will initially be rejected automatically via bot.

However, when the decision is appealed and falls to a human moderator, the campaigns are virtually always approved and generally will not be flagged for removal after that. Again, there’s no guarantee, but this has been the case for our CBD clients. Below, we’ve laid out this method’s process…

The process:

• Create a separate ecommerce site (for instance, via Shopify or WooCommerce) featuring just your topics.

• Create topical-focused ads to drive traffic to your page and submit the campaign for approval.

• If the ads are rejected automatically, request a review for manual approval.

• This method allows for enormous potential order value & exposes your customers to your entire product line.

3- Remove CBD Product References & Run a Brand-Focused

Campaign This option prioritizes compliance over conversions and is best for brands that want to avoid any trouble with Facebook and can afford a longer sales cycle.

For this method, the landing page is kept informational (e.g., focusing on blog content such as “what’s the difference between CBD and hemp,” or a CTA to sign up for a newsletter for “more information”). Moreover, you must take the help of a CBD website design company for the best landing page advice.

You would not be able to sell products or talk openly about the nature of your products, but a brand-focused campaign will drive increased awareness and grow a first-party data pool for remarketing, which can lead to product sales later on.

The process:

• Create a compliant landing page without references to ingestible CBD products. We recommend including a CTA on the page for customers to sign up for more information, which allows for future remarketing.

• Create brand-focused ads to drive traffic to your page and submit the campaign for approval.

• If the ads are rejected automatically, request a review for manual approval.

• This method is fully compliant with Facebook policies and generally avoids the risk of having your ads flagged or removed.

4- Create a Compliant Landing Page & Edit it After Approval

This option for CBD ad approval prioritizes sales over compliance but can be the riskiest option. It involves the creation of a compliant landing page for initial campaign approval and then introduces links from that page to your main website to drive increased sales across your entire product line and share your whole brand story.

The main risk to be aware of is that Facebook’s bots may recrawl your campaign landing pages even after approval: If and when they do, your account will get flagged, and the ads will come down. You’re simply rolling the dice in, hoping your ads will stay up for enough time to make the trouble worthwhile. However, you can take the help of cbdhemplive.com (CBD website design company) for the best landing page advice.

Remember: If you’ve spent time building up your brand’s organic audience on Facebook or Instagram, this method is extremely risky and one we do not recommend to most clients. The process is outlined below for brands comfortable with risking their page on either platform and wishing to pursue this method.

The process:

• Create a campaign landing page compliant with Facebook’s advertising policies, and leave your CTA button(s) without a click-through URL.

• Create compliant ads and submit your campaign for initial approval from Facebook.

• If the ads are rejected automatically, request a review for manual approval.

• After receiving approval, wait 24 hours, then insert a click-through URL leading to your main website, where shoppers can make purchases and find your entire brand site.

What to Do If Facebook Rejected Your CBD Ad Campaign?

There are numerous reasons why your CBD advertising on Facebook is rejected. However, it is always worth double-checking whether you did everything correctly when running a Facebook ad. Thus, you can get another chance to attract new customers and expand your business.

Make sure that your landing pages do not refer to cannabidiol. Remove any connections between the landing page and your main website to advertise CBD on Facebook successfully. It is because Facebook ad bots can index your landing pages if they say CBD, which will result in advertising being rejected.

If you need help getting your CBD ads approved, consider hiring a Facebook-approved CBD SEO Agency to ensure your money and time are well spent.

Note: If your Facebook ad account is deleted after rejection, you risk losing it. It is simple to address by following the abovementioned steps, focusing on other things to keep your record clean whenever possible. Take a free consultation from CBD expert marketers who know how to boost your conversions and sales through top-notch cannabis marketing strategies. Call now @ +1 650 262 7333 or email us @ info@cbdhemplive.com

Powerful tips to follow while advertising CBD on Facebook

Running CBD ads on Facebook can be challenging due to the platform’s strict policies regarding promoting CBD products. However, several tips will help you promote your products on Facebook and attract new customers.

These are the steps you should take if your previous campaigns were unsuccessful or if you are new to this and don’t know where to start to advertise CBD on Facebook.

1- Know Facebook’s ad policies: Before you start running ads, familiarize yourself with Facebook’s advertising policies. This will help you avoid violating any rules and getting your ad account suspended or banned.

2- Use CBD-friendly language: Avoid using terms that Facebook considers “drug-related” or “prohibited content.” Instead, use words like “hemp-derived,” “cannabidiol,” or “CBD isolate.” Avoid making any claims about the medical benefits of CBD.

3- Target the right audience: Ensure you’re targeting the appropriate audience for your CBD products. Facebook allows targeting based on interests, behaviors, location, and demographics. Make sure you’re targeting people who are interested in CBD products.

4- Keyword research: Be the website that Google ranks on the first page by conducting proper keyword research! You can integrate keywords into titles, meta tags, video descriptions, and picture descriptions.

5- Focus on education: Use your ad to educate people about the benefits of CBD products. Provide helpful information on different types of cannabis products & how they can be used.

6- Pay Attention to Local Rules: The Farm Bill says that each state must give the Department of Agriculture a plan for regulating hemp. Unfortunately, only some states have yet to implement this requirement, so follow local rules.

7- Use high-quality visuals: Use high-quality visuals that accurately depict your CBD products. Avoid using images of people consuming the products or any imagery that Facebook deems inappropriate.

8- Follow Facebook’s ad format: Follow Facebook’s ad format and make sure your ad adheres to the required image size and text-to-image ratio.

9- Focus on powerful SEO: Practicing proper SEO will make you a trusted thought leader in the nascent industry. It will enable web visitors to find your site based on what they search online. Hiring a top CBD SEO agency in USA/CBD Link Building to help is often the best way to make sure your money & time are well spent.

10- Work with a top CBD marketing partner: If you’re having difficulty getting your CBD ads approved, consider working with a Facebook-approved cannabis SEO agency. Remember, Facebook’s advertising policies around CBD continually evolve, so stay up-to-date on any changes.

What are the best alternatives to CBD Facebook ads?

CBD products are often restricted on Facebook or other social media platforms due to their association with cannabis, which is still illegal in many parts of the world. However, several alternatives to CBD Facebook ads can be used to promote your products. Here are some options:

1. Influencer marketing: Partner with famous influencers with huge followers in the CBD industry. They can promote your cannabis products through social media accounts or interactive blog posts.

2. Email marketing: Build an email subscriber list of people interested in hemp products & send them regular informative updates about your products and CBD promotions.

3. Google Ads: Google allows advertising hemp products, so you can use Google Ads to target people searching for CBD-related products or information.

4. Local SEO: Optimize your website locally for search terms related to CBD products. This can help your website appear in search results when people search for CBD products in your area. Consider hiring a reputable CBD Local SEO company to get placed in Google 3-Pack local SEO.

5. Content marketing: Create high-quality blog posts, videos, or infographics that provide valuable information about CBD products. You can then share this content on social media and other platforms to attract potential customers. Moreover, partnering with cannabis content writers who know in-depth rules can help you grow fast.

6. Affiliate marketing: Partner with other websites or blogs in the CBD industry and offer them a commission for every sale they generate through their referral link. Always check the social media or any platform advertising policies which you plan to use to ensure you comply with their cannabis guidelines.

To Sum Up

Even though CBD advertising is not allowed on the most important social networking sites right now, there are ways around this. CBD marketers can use social media platforms and content marketing to educate their audiences and build brand recognition without using aggressive sales tactics, which can get your account shut down.

For your CBD marketing campaign to succeed, do enough research ahead of time to understand how the cannabidiol market works in each state and on the internet. Ensure all claims are valid, verified, and backed by sufficient scientific proof before your brand launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Can you advertise CBD on Facebook or Instagram?

Advertising CBD products on Facebook and Instagram is prohibited due to the platforms’ policies on promoting drugs and drug-related products. However, in 2019, Facebook relaxed the cannabis rules and eased them further to allow “hemp-based topical products.” You cannot advertise the word CBD anywhere in your ad. However, you can create content that uses the word HEMP, but the products can’t contain CBD; otherwise, your FB ad will be rejected, and your account may be permanently suspended.

Q2- What are the FDA’s rules regarding CBD-derived products?

The FDA still hasn’t classified CBD as a dietary supplement, and not all states exactly match federal law so regulations can vary. This situation causes many digital platforms to ban or restrict CBD ads officially. There is an interest in developing therapies & other consumer products that are derived from hemp, cannabis, and its components. However, FDA knows that some companies are marketing products containing hemp, cannabis, marijuana, & CBD-derived compounds in ways that violate (FD&C Act) the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which may put the health safety of consumers at risk.

Q3- What does Facebook advertising policy say about Hemp Related Products?

Facebook or Meta allow ads for Hemp-based products. Still, the following policy requirements should apply:

1. You must comply with all applicable US local laws and industry codes or guidelines

2. Ads can’t promote or offer the sale of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products or cannabis products containing related psychoactive components.

3. You can only run these Facebook ads in the following countries: United States, Canada, Mexico

4. Your ads can’t contain claims to treat, mitigate, cure, prevent, or diagnose a disease or medical condition in humans or animals

5. Ads may not promote or offer the sale of (CBD) cannabidiol or similar cannabinoid products.

6. Promotion of Hemp products that don’t contain CBD or >0.3% THC comply with all applicable local laws, required or established industry codes, guidelines, and licenses are allowed.

Q4- How to stay updated regarding the legality of CBD in the U.S.?

Pay attention to reputable cannabis media sources that publish the most recent updates regarding the legality of CBD in the U.S. Obtain advice from an attorney. The cannabinoid’s legal status depends not only on federal law but also on the state in which you reside. You can take a free consultation from our CBD expert Facebook marketers, who stay updated with recent data about cannabis. Call now @ +1 650 262 7333

Q5- Can You Advertise CBD on Google or any other search engine?

Google considers CBD, marijuana-related products, and services as “dangerous,” as it abides by federal law. Due to FDA Restrictions in the USA, CBD industries are prohibited from using traditional forms of advertising, such as social media marketing & PPC advertising. By organically optimizing your website for CBD SEO, you can improve your website’s visibility in SERPs and attract more customers interested in or ready to buy CBD products.

Q6- How do I market my Cannabis business organically?

Marketing CBD and marijuana-related products online is challenging; you must know CBD laws while promoting. Yes, you can take a free consultation from our CBD/cannabis/Weed SEO experts, but if you want to try it organically, then here are the 5 effective organic digital tactics you can follow to market your cannabis business

• Your cannabis marketing should include CBD SEO

• Publish informative blogs for cannabis content marketing

• Maximize & optimize organic reach on Instagram & Facebook

• Marketing your cannabis brand on other cannabis websites & blogs

• You can choose the top-class CBD/Dispensary SEO services to help you with all these tactics

Q7- Why should I hire a CBD Facebook marketing agency?

Being in the CBD and cannabis industry requires you to understand the importance of each social media marketing step and the importance of focusing on every process and operation of your business. However, partnering with a good Facebook marketing agency or cannabis SEO company with CBD/hemp industry expertise will be worth it. You’ll notice an increase in the number of users visiting your site & converting into customers.

Q8- Can You Promote CBD Oil on Facebook Ads?

Just like with any other CBD topical product, the answer is yes. Don’t make serious medical claims and/or mention CBD in the ads. Opt for words like “Naturally derived ingredients” or “plant-sourced ingredients” instead.

Q9- What things to know when marketing CBD Facebook ads?

• List CBD products’ benefits and avoid making severe medical claims.

• Work according to the farm bill & US state policy

• Building consumer trust should always be your priority.

• Refrain from using CBD within a domain name.

• Create a new Facebook account. Leave any CBD-related promotion off of the page.

• Find creative ways to describe your products without using the word CBD

• Replace “CBD” with “Natural Plant-Based Remedies”

• Hire a Facebook-approved CBD SEO company to ensure your money and time are well spent.

Why wait when we are here to help you grow your cannabis business online? Get our out-of-the-box specialized cannabis/hemp/marijuana SEO services to heighten the growth of your sales & revenue. Get a free quote now or call us at +1 650 262 7333

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