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The majority of CBD manufacturers claim that they make products for both humans and pets. They also tend to make the claim that there is not so much difference between the formulas prepared for pets and those prepared for humans. The major difference, as is recommended for any product that is considered a dietary supplement for humans, is the labeling. Which is to say, pet CBD and human CBD are more similar than they are different – and the only significant difference is in the labeling of human products to conform with the regulatory standards of bodies such as the American Drug and Food Organization (FDA). 

What is the safety profile of CBD products for pets?

Although the results are still inconclusive due to inadequate data, the available data suggests that CBD for pets is generally safe and has the same safety profile in pets as is seen in humans with adequate dosing. Just like in humans, pets may also experience some side effects, especially with first-time use of CBD products. For instance, it is not uncommon for dogs and cats to experience dry mouth because CBD often causes a reduction in saliva production. CBD products also cause a temporary drop in blood pressure in both humans and in pets. Reduced blood pressure may present in more severe cases as drowsiness or loss of consciousness. As a pet owner, these are some of the common side effects of CBD that you should watch out for when introducing your pet to CBD. 

How can dogs and cats benefit from CBD?

Currently, there are no conclusive studies on the therapeutic benefits of CBD to dogs and cats. What has been observed from anecdotal reports is that dogs and cats benefit significantly from CBD products to manage certain conditions. Usually, the go-to symptom to treat with CBD is pain. Cannabis products work in the body through the endocannabinoid system. This system is associated with the pain pathways to the brain, among other things. Thus, using CBD primarily to alleviate pain is beneficial. 

Studies have also shown that cannabinoids have significant effects on the brain. For instance, the FDA approved the use of a drug called Epidiolex in the management of seizure disorder in patients who are 2 years or older. Epidiolex is essentially a substance with a high concentration of cannabidiol that has been formulated in therapeutic quantities for seizure management. The fact that CBD can be used to manage certain brain disorders alludes to the potential benefits of CBD for the body in general and the brain in particular. 

What are the risks when buying CBD for dogs and cats?

When you go to buy CBD for pets, you take full responsibility for the health of your pets. Buy CBD oil for dogs to manage pain or inflammation but you should be aware that the research on the effectiveness and safety of CBD is limited. Besides, CBD products are not regulated like pharmaceutical products. Instead, they are classified as dietary supplements. The fact that they are not regulated means that there is no straightforward method to ascertain the quality of the products that you are purchasing. Without the FDA approval, it is also not possible to ascertain the maximum effective dose or the dosage beyond which fatal side effects may occur. Every medication or dietary supplement carries a risk to the user, and the degree of side effects is closely related to the dosages consumed. You can mitigate the potential risks by buying CBD oil for cats or dogs and starting your pet in small amounts as you monitor them closely for any side effects. You can then increase the dosage to suit your intended purpose. But the best practice is to consult your veterinarian before giving any product with pharmacological effects to your dog or cat. 

Choosing CBD products for your pet

Currently, there are quite a number of CBD products sold in the market as treatment options for pets. However, not all oils are derived from high-quality hemp plants. This is worth knowing so that you can give your pets better chances of the CBD products working.

Conclusion  Buy CBD oil for dogs or cats but keep in mind that not all CBD oils for pets are the same. The quality differs depending on the plant of origin and the method of production. You should always do adequate research before purchasing CBD products for pets, especially when you are purchasing products online. 

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