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California was the first state to legalize medicinal cannabis in 1996. Some call California the green state due to its top California weed companies for evergreen and ever-growing cannabis space. In the years since, the Golden State has continued to take the lead by creating new and innovative cannabis products for both medical and recreational use.

Every day it seems there’s a new brand, cannabinoids, smoking devices or glassware, or even drinks and seltzers. Finding the right weed brands in California has become difficult with the growing cannabis market.

You might be wondering! How to find top California weed brands when there are so many good options?

Well, fret no more. We’ve gathered the best weed brands in California 2023 for you to enjoy.

What brands have the best Weed?



is a top weed brand in California and a national provider of the highest-quality cannabis & CBD products. It claims to use only all-natural products.

It offers various THC and CBD products that do not cause the feeling of euphoria, which is often among the reasons most people are reluctant to use weed products for treatment, instead opting for traditional plant medicine.

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Lowell Herb Co

Lowell Herb Co., one of the best-selling weed brands California and most talked-about cannabis brands in Lowell Farms Inc., is expanding its award-winning product lineup with the debut of its BIGS flower line and the all-new Hash-Wrapped Smoke.

On his farm on California’s central coast, William “Bull” Lowell started cultivating what was known as Indian hemp in the spring of 1909. Lowell Herb refers to the early history of cannabis as a folk remedy and hemp as an important agricultural crop by infusing all its products with a handmade, artisanal vibe.

A glance at the company’s signature pre-roll packs tells you everything to know: The product is carefully arranged in alternating rows, and each old-fashioned paper case includes strike-anywhere matches. No wonder Lowell describes itself as California’s best-selling pre-roll!



has been an innovative California cannabis brand since 2017. Award-winning, creative, and with amazing products, they pioneered the weed vaping business before it got too trendy.

Stiiizy, now a top California-based weed brand, was one of the first brands to hop on the new pod technology bandwagon, bringing cannabis-infused oils and distillates to the public in a very accessible option.

Stiiizy is one of those brands that repeatedly prove that they are the trendsetters in the cannabis space. They have kept innovating their products with different lines, cannabinoids, or even creating products that set the newest THC trend.

Jetty Extracts

Since 2013, Jetty Extracts, the top weed brands in California, has been around creating top-shelf extracts. Their website states that they’ve innovated the cannabis scope by figuring out how to remove harmful addictives from their vapes. Jetty Extracts specializes in solventless extracts for vaping, dabbing, and other uses.

They specialize in a craft approach to creating natural cannabis concentrates, with small batches of concentrates, oils, pods, vape cartridges, and accessories. They’ll also deliver in select California communities.

Their Unrefined Live Resin is much like a treasure. Besides their extracts line, they carry the HIGH THC lines which have an unbelievable flavor combination with course & high potency. They come in 510 carts with flavors and strains like Pink Lemonade, Northern Lights #5, King Louis, and many more with beautiful packaging.

Plus Products


PLUS is the best cannabis companies in California. With a focus on health, wellness, and beauty, this CBD-only brand is all about comfort. Their products, like gummies, are indeed delicious and contain the highest serving of CBD per serving on the market. This brand signals its accessibility and safety through simple but clever branding.

PLUS offers a tailored experience for a wide range of cannabis consumers. They’re adding to the edibles category — consistency, safety, flavor, taste, innovation — expanding the accessibility of cannabis, enriching the experience, and elevating the industry. It’s the first and few edible brands to bring testing in-house, testing over 8x per batch, to ensure consistency for the consumer.

Cookies Weed Brand

Cookies produce world-class cannabis and cannabis products. It’s safe to say that Cookies are a household name in the cannabis industry. It has always represented a lifestyle of excellence, quality, and taste.

Cookies’ overall vertical integration and weed business allows for complete quality control from cultivation and production to the retail experience.

Today, Cookies is one of the most respected and top-selling cannabis brands in California and is globally recognized, amassing a stable of over 50 cannabis varieties and product lines, including indoor, outdoor, and sungrown flower, pre-rolls, gel caps, and vape carts.

Circles Cannabis


Circles is a fairly new brand with a clear mission: provide incredibly potent weeds with high-quality, high flowers all at an affordable price. Their motto is:- “expand your circle,” making their products easy to share and discuss while enjoying a smoke.

Circles have many strains and flavors to choose from. They currently have many strains available, in their different varieties from indica, sativa, and hybrid. Circle brand is available exclusively through Eaze, where you can grab their flower carts & their newly created cannabis-infused gummy line.


If you are looking for an all-in-one cannabis consumption i.e., sorted out depending on your needs, Dosist is your go-to option. They are a globally recognized, modern wellness company empowering people to manage their health & happiness through dose-controlled cannabis therapy naturally.

Every dose pen comes with 100 doses, making them excellent for the cannabis user that wants wellness while not wanting to complicate themselves. They also have a THC-plus line of Arouse, Bliss, and Relax pens for a stronger experience.

Today dosist is known for our targeted formulas, proprietary award-winning dose-controlled devices, rigorous testing, medical grade, recyclable materials use, and obsession with providing consumers with a safe, natural and repeatable experience.

Flow Kana


Flow Kana is one of the first sustainable sun-grown cannabis brands California. They offer a wide range of California’s top-selling cannabis CPG brands and a series of services, including processing, co-packing, manufacturing, white-labeling, and distribution to a growing list of partners at various levels of the supply chain. They aim to build a more sustainable future & a vision of building an inclusive cannabis industry.

Flow Kana offers Prerolls, packed with sun-grown, craft cannabis. They also have the Flow Kana Gold and Silver Flower lines. Products-wise, all of their catalog is grown in small batches. They have Farmer’s Reserve, which has the highest grade of craft cannabis with >21% THC content. This line is full-bodied, with great flavor and aroma, and is hand-trimmed and picked.



WYLD CBD make delicious edibles and drinks infused with real fruit and broad-spectrum hemp extract to experience the effects of CBD components added to them. The company offers innovative products for outdoor-minded consumers. Clients can taste a variety of products, including but not limited to sparkling water, gummies, and hand-crafted chocolate with real fruit.

They are America’s most popular cannabis edible by making high-quality hemp-derived products that reflect the natural bounty of surroundings and provide excellent value and efficacy to their customers. Wyld offers some delicious strain-specific gummies for a great price. These strawberry gummies are infused with minimal THC and twenty times the CBD if you want relief from anxiety or pain without the high.

Raw Garden

Only the finest cannabis flowers are used in producing Raw Garden’s products, which are grown from their seeds. Currently, they specialize in extracts, mainly Live Resin in THC Carts, Pens, and PAX Pods, and their innovation to the cannabis space their Refined Live Resin Diamonds.

Their unique harvesting process utilizes a state-of-the-art Cryogenic freezing technique to capture and lock in the whole essence of the Cannabis plant. It’s fresh and alive before it can dry out and lose any of its natural flavors and aromas. That means stronger highs, smooth smoke, and no added chemicals, materials, pesticides, or anything else.

Kiva Confections


If you don’t want to smoke but still want to try cannabis, Kiva Confections would be high on your choice list. And it would be best if you have a sweet tooth. Kiva Confections offers a line of all-natural cannabis edibles, including familiar gummies and mints, chocolate bars ,and bites. Their products feature precision dosing of THC, CBD, and other cannabis compounds.

They’re’ the leading edible brand in the US and were among the first brands to offer microdose products. Kiva also has its iconic chocolate bars, which are delicious and decadent. These are made from high. quality cacao and cannabis, and also have a Live Resin line with Lost Farm and a bite-size sibling with Terra.

The Garden Society

Garden Society provides delicious, craft cannabis edibles and sun-grown pre-rolls that connect responsible farming, sustainable ingredients, and strain-specific cannabis. They are a vintage-inspired cannabis boutique that offers rosette cannabis pre-rolls and a select line of cannabis-infused chocolates combined with trendy ingredients such as sea salt and chai.

Their products are categorized by effect, such as “blissful rest” or “brighter day.” Founded by two women, Garden Society helped mainstream women’s cannabis consumption. Our quality products provide an expected, enjoyable cannabis experience that brings greater happiness to everyday life.

Old Pal Cannabis


Old Pal’s motto is to create accessible, affordable, and abundant cannabis products that are also shareable. All of their flowers are all-natural, sun-kissed, and rain-watered. They only carry three simple varieties, indica, sativa, and hybrid. So if you feel nostalgic or want something classic, Old Pal is your way to go.

They also have Special Blue, a premium line of flowers that always has 25% or higher THC. They also have their Classic Shareable Whole Flower, ready to share and love with friends.

WANA Brands

While there are many kinds of gummies and brands to choose from, few edibles have the street cred earned by Wana Brands. Starting in 2010, Wanna gummies have been available for purchase in 12 states nationwide. They are increasingly popular due to their vast array of tasty flavors, consistency, and potent THC formulations.

Wana, a top dispensary brands in California, specializes in fast-acting recreational gummies in various flavors and cannabis strains and compounds, including THC only, THC, and CBD, or CBD alone. WANA also sells a “quick” fast-acting sublingual tincture with combinations of THC and CBD.

With favorable laws, good growing conditions, and a welcoming cannabis community, California’s cannabis industry is booming, and its best brands have products made for you!

Foria Wellness CBD


Foria, the best weed companies in California, has mastered the art of marijuana branding, and that is why it has managed to enter the list of popular cannabis brands California. The cannabis brand is focused on sexual health, using only all-natural components in the products it offers to its clients.

It is the first company to develop a product portfolio available in varying formats for intimacy, relief, and optimum well-being. The company believes that wellness and sex are inseparable.

Its clients can choose from suppositories for local applications, topical oils to bring pleasure, onset vaporizers, and balance and wellness daily tonics. Their products are classified into different categories for easy access. They have categories such as wellness, relief, and intimacy. They also offer varying bundle deals.

Level Experience

Level is a science-driven California cannabis company with modern cannabinoid research. They are passionate about guiding people with the weed information and products they need to make informed decisions and take action.

With a deep respect for the cannabis plant, Level explores the polypharmacy of cannabinoids working in concert with one another to maintain the efficacy of the plant re-envisioned. They offer unique qualities that may help you with sleep, achieve focus, mitigate undesirable effects from over-indulgence, or aid people with engaging socially.



Apothecanna spread the wisdom of traditional plant medicine. They believe in the fundamental right of access to the healing powers of nature and promote sustainable interaction with the world around us. Their products are formulated with natural, nutritious ingredients to help balance the body and the senses.

Every ingredient they use is an ‘active’ ingredient for a specific therapeutic purpose, as they don’t use artificial ingredients, fillers, parabens or GMO ingredients. If you believe natural treatments are the best, then Apothecanna would be the best for you as they strive to create uncompromised purity, quality, and functionality products.


Leune is a one-of-a-kind sort of cannabis companies in California. The Leune-iverse consists of 7 different type of cannabis strains and flowers that are all available in 510 vape carts, disposable vaping devices, PAX Era Pods, flowers, Pre-Rolls, and edibles.

Their newest addition to their edibles line is the Gem Drops, delicious cannabis-infused candy that will dissolve your worries. They are available in CloudBerry, Desert Gold, and Sol Berry.

Viola Brands


The California cannabis brand promotes equity by encouraging minority groups to participate in the cannabis branding industry. Viola offers various strains and products across five states and throughout Canada. They have been producing top-quality hemp products. The founder of this company aims to impact societies positively by reinvesting the earnings affected by drugs and war. It’s the top cannabis brands in California, and its products include flower buds, concentrates, and pre-rolls. They come up with appealing packages.


There are many players in the cannabis industry in California. It is expected that the number of weed brands California will expand more in the near future as more US states realize the power of legal cannabis, both economically & in the health sector. Therefore most are in the race to legalize cannabis products.

With more players joining the industry, the demand for cannabis products is expected to skyrocket. If you are also entering this cannabis industry and want your online presence to be strong to get successful brand awareness, you must choose the right cannabis SEO services to grow your weed brand fast.

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