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What is Kratom? It is one of the tree-like plants that can be found in the Asian part of the country and belongs to the family of coffee. Its scientific name is Mytragyna speciosa.

In recent years, Kratom has been popular because of its effectiveness in curing certain health conditions, it is a traditional way of relieving pain, serves as a stimulant and elevating mood, there are different strains of Kratom out there and they have their functions individually, but a combination of more than one strain of Kratom can be used for a certain medical condition strictly on prescription. It can be turned into a capsule to be taken as a drug, gum to be chewed, powder to be smoked, and brewed into tea to be drunk. Other countries where Kratom can be found include Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thai land amongst others.

The ailments that kratom has been proved to cure include Diarrhea, cough, diabetes, and high blood pressure, it also increases energy level, heat tolerance and reduces fatigue too.

KRATOM TEA: It is made by brewing Kratom leaves gotten from the tree, people drink it to relieve pain, stimulate activity, and can be used along with other traditional drugs.

The most active ingredients of Kratom is 7 -hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine, the tea when taken in a small quantity of about 1.5 gram increases energy level to the brain and makes you stay alert but when taken in higher quantity, it makes you calm, tired and excited.  When the tea is taken in higher quantity it cures cough, opioid withdrawal, diarrhea, so when taking the tea, it is better to know which quantity will work for.

It is good to know that the tea is legal in Oklahoma in the United States, it can be bought online or in shops where it’s being sold. But a lot of things should be put into consideration when buying the tea and they are:

  1. Make your purchase online because head shops are usually expensive that is because they pay shipping and other fees and you may not even be sure that what you are buying is the original Kratom tea but when you buy from a verified online vendor there’s a high probability that the tea you are buying is pure.
  2. Buy a tea that is well packaged, beware of people who sell Kratom tea packaged in small plastic bags, if it is carelessly packaged it can cause harm when taken, or air can get into it. So you have to use water-resistant packaging.
  3. Look at the label very well for the production and expiry date, basic information on how to make the tea, side effects if any, and steps on how to take it and the ingredients used in making it, if it’s suitable for you. If the Kratom tea you are buying doesn’t have any of the following things mentioned, that means there is a problem with the product and you should tread with caution.
  4. Since being the most expensive doesn’t determine how effective a Kratom tea will be, but that does not mean you should buy the cheap ones, sometimes those cheap ones are very low-quality ones which the producer didn’t spend much money to work on or expired Kratom tea, so they are sold at cheap prices so people can rush it. Kratom is carefully prepared because any mistake introduces contaminants into it, this is the reason for the increment in the price of the products. This can also be gotten from reliable vendors online, read reviews and hear what people have to say about a particular tea and the vendor before you buy, also make sure it is well and neatly packaged.

The various strains of Kratom which kratom tea is brewed from includes:

  • White vein Kratom is the most popular and it’s known to boost energy and change your mood to a happier one, it also reduces depression, helps you to get focused by giving you mental clarity, it also aids people who have anxiety issues. If you are taking this, start with a smaller dose till you get a dose your body is comfortable with.
  • Red vein Kratom: It is the most popular strain and it’s a strong pain reliever and can naturally relax the body and people that are suffering from insomnia use it more.
  • Green vein Kratom
  • Maeng da Kratom
  • Bentuangle Kratom

Yellow vein Kratom

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