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The Blueberry strain is an example of crossed strain variety of landrace strains, including the Afghani, Thai, and Purple Thai. This West Coast staple was created by a breeder called DJ Short. The strain is known for its dreamy effect that could help relax well in bed at night.

The DJ shorts blueberry strain is known for its high THC content and its beautiful flavor of blueberry. The discovery of this excellent strain has made a great sort-after strain amongst most crossed breed strain varieties.

Due to the beautiful flavor in this stain, there are more cravings for it, and many growers worldwide have greatly desired this strain genetics for their breeding program. This and other tips gave rise to more demand for DJ Shorts Blueberry. Below are some tips as to why there is an increase in the growth of this particular cannabis strain.

Genetics/Origin to blueberry strain

Genetically, the DJ Short Blueberry strain was birthed out of his countless breeding projects until he attained the Blueberry strain. This American breeder attained his result from a thrilling and rousing mix of landrace strains.

These are cannabis strains that are known with and are grown by some races and land indigene, some of which are the Purple Thai from Thailand and the Afghanistan strain. It is loved because of its blueberry flavor. It is mostly used as a nightcap because of its dreamy effect.

Most cannabis indicas are known for giving a high feel the effect, but blueberry doesn’t give such a high feel; instead, you experience a great calm.

Growing difficult

The DJ Short Blueberry is so easy to grow. However, some normal care routine is required for perfect growth, some of which are the type of nutrients required and exact quantity.

Also, for greater yield and good quality of buds, there are a few special pruning techniques you can carry out. In summary, the Blueberry strain is easier to cultivate than other strains grown.

Growing techniques

It is true that the DJ Short Blueberry does well and shines well outside in the open sun. But it may look feeble at the early stage of it life. Therefore, it is advised to start growing in greenhouses and transplant them outside when the last frost is over. Remember to trim away the tops of your plant as it grows. This allows the plant to puts more effort and resources into developing more buds, and always remember to give enough nutrients to ensure a brilliant yield and a healthy plant.

Flowering time

This particular strain is so remarkable for its quick flowering time. This Blueberry strain has an awesome and fast flowering time, which is average, 7-9 weeks.

Growing climate

The best growing climate for the beautiful blueberry flavored cannabis is in a mild climate. It could range between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The DJ Short Blueberry strain can survive colder nighttime temperatures and not affect the yield.

Growing Outdoors/Indoors

Blueberry is a versatile strain. It can do well in both cold and northern climates. For best buds quality, it is best grown outside.

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